Project outputs


Linguistically-integrated gestures in Italo-Romance


    • Mano a borsa ‘pursed hand’     

Peer-reviewed journal article. Functional gestures as morphemes: Some evidence from the languages of Southern Italy, Glossa: a journal of general linguistics 8(1), 1–45, 2023. DOI:

Conference talkSyntactically-integrated gestures in Southern Italy. Going Romance 35, University of Amsterdam, 1-3 December 2021, online.

Invited seminar talk. Linguistically-integrated gestures: a case study from the languages of Southern Italy, SyntaxLab, 19 October 2021, online.

Conference talk.  Linguistically-integrated co-speech gestures in Southern Italo-Romance, 15th Cambridge Italian Dialect Syntax-Morphology Meeting, University of Helsinki, 8-10 September 2021, online.

Conference talk.  Linguistically-integrated gestures: a case study from the languages of Southern Italy, Annual Meeting of the LAGB, 6-9 September 2021, online.

Invited seminar talk.  Syntactically-integrated co-speech gestures: some preliminary evidence from the languages of Southern Italy, SuperLing Colloquium, University of Oslo, 4 June 2021, online.


    • Ring-focus   

Peer-reviewed journal article. Gestural focus marking in Italo-RomanceIsogloss. Open Journal of Romance Linguistics9/(4)/5, 1-39, 2023. DOI:

Conference talk.  Gestural focus marking in Italo-Romance. Talk given at Romance Languages: Recent Contributions to Linguistic Theory, Harvard University, 28-29 April 2022 (with Clara Cuonzo).

Conference talk.  Gestural focus marking. Talk to be given at PerForum. Forum on Performativity in Language and Beyond, University of Oslo, 3 June 2022 (with Clara Cuonzo).


  • Gestural fieldwork: how to gather theoretically-grounded gestural data from Italo-Romance

Conference talkGestural fieldwork: a case study from Southern Italy. Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 6, SOAS London, 16-18 December 2021, online.

Invited seminar talkInvestigating gestures in Southern Italy: some methodological considerations, Linguistics Research Seminars, Trinity College Dublin, 10 November 2021, online.


Invited seminar talkAre syntax and semantics modality-blind? Testing Esipova’s Conjecture with ellipsis, CASTL FishFeed, UiT, 28 February 2020 (with Craig Sailor).

Conference talk.  Co-speech gestures under ellipsis: a first look, Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting, 2-5 January 2020, New Orleans, USA (with Craig Sailor).


  • General talks about gestures in Italo-Romance:

TalkGesture, language, and the languages of Italy, Exploring Research and Research Careers, European Researchers’ Night, Start Talking About Research Today 2020 (START 2020), Trinity College Dublin, online event.