I am a linguist and I work as an Assistant Professor in Linguistics (tenured) at Trinity College Dublin

My research profile is situated at the interface between theoretical generative linguistics and Romance linguistics (especially focused on the Italo-Romance subfamily of languages spoken in Italy). Most of my publications contribute to the field of theoretical linguistics as applied to the Romance languages. In the last six years, I have extended my domain of investigation to the study of spoken discourse phenomena at the interface between syntax and semantics (e.g., nominal and clausal left-peripheral phenomena, presentatives, discourse deixis, etc.).

Recently, my interests grew further into the study of phenomena expressed in the visual-gestural modality (e.g., gestures). Such phenomena have been almost entirely overlooked in theoretical linguistics. I began to study gestures from a purely formal perspective for the first time, drawing empirically from the languages of Southern Italy. My main project, Gestural Grammar: Investigating Gesture in Southern Italy (GestuGram; PI: Colasanti), received funding from the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute (2020-23), the Higher Education Authority of Ireland (2021-23), the Provost’s Office of Trinity College Dublin (Provost’s PhD Project Award; 2021-25), and Enterprise Ireland (2023-25).