My academic story


Since 2019:  Trinity College Dublin

Assistant Professor in Linguistics (tenured)

Current research: Italo-Romance microvariation (esp. Southern Lazio varieties), syntax-pragmatics interface (e.g. gestures, left-peripheries, presentative particles, discourse demonstratives), microdiachronic change

2018-2019: University of British Columbia

Postdoc (with Martina Wiltschko)

Research: nominal and clausal structure of speech acts, discourse demonstratives, presentative particles, Italo-Romance microvariation, fieldwork methodologies (e.g. story-board elicitation)

2014-2019: University of Cambridge

PhD, 2019 

Dissertation: Romance morphosyntactic microvariation in complementizer and auxiliary systems (Supervisor: Adam Ledgeway)

MPhil, 2015

Dissertation: The Complementiser System of Cepranese (Supervisor: Adam Ledgeway)

2003-2011: Sapienza University of Rome

BA, MA research: Italo-Romance linguistics, Southern Lazio varieties, phonology (e.g. metaphony in Southern Lazio)