My academic story


Since 2019:  Trinity College Dublin

Assistant Professor in Linguistics (tenured)

Current research: Italo-Romance microvariation (esp. Southern Lazio varieties), syntax-pragmatics interface (e.g. gestures, left-peripheries, presentative particles, discourse demonstratives), microdiachronic change

2018-2019: University of British Columbia

Postdoc (with Martina Wiltschko)

Research: nominal and clausal structure of speech acts, discourse demonstratives, presentative particles, Italo-Romance microvariation, fieldwork methodologies (e.g. story-board elicitation)

2014-2019: University of Cambridge

PhD in Linguistics, 2019 

Dissertation: Romance morphosyntactic microvariation in complementizer and auxiliary systems (Supervisor: Adam Ledgeway)

MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, 2015

Dissertation: The Complementiser System of Cepranese (Supervisor: Adam Ledgeway)

2003-2011: ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome

I am a first-generation college student and I took both my BA in Linguistics and Philology and my MA (Research) in Linguistics in Rome at ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome (which was called at the time Università di Roma ‘La Sapienza’).

Like many linguists, I began my studies with the intention of studying classical languages and civilizations, which programme thankfully includes general courses in linguistics and philology. Hence, I decided to enrol in a BA in Linguistics instead and I continued with a MA in Linguistics later on. During my time in Rome, I decided to specialise in  (Italo-)Romance dialectology and phonology. I had quite a lot of fun looking at stem vowel alternations arising from metaphony in the local languages spoken in Southern Lazio (where I am originally from).