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Colasanti, Valentina. 2018. Romance morphosyntactic microvariation in complementizer and auxiliary systems. Doctoral dissertation, University of Cambridge.

Colasanti, Valentina. 2015. The Complementizer system of Cepranese. M.Phil dissertation, University of Cambridge.


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Colasanti, Valentina. 2018. La doppia serie di complementatori nei dialetti del Lazio meridionale: un approccio microparametrico. Revue de Linguistique Romane, 82:65-91.  Pre-publication draft


Book Chapters

Colasanti, Valentina. 2018. ‘Matrix complementizers in Italo-Romance’, in S. Cruschina, A. Ledgeway and E. Remberger (eds.), Italian Dialectology at the Interface. Amsterdam: John Benjamins (with Giuseppina Silvestri)  Pre-publication draft

Colasanti, Valentina. 2017. ‘Towards a microparameter C-hierarchy in Italo-Romance’, in G. Pană Dindelegan, R. Zafiu, A. Dragomirescu, A. Nicolae, I. Nicula Paraschiv (eds.), Romance Syntax. Comparative and diachronic perspectives. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  Pre-publication draft


Conference Proceedings

Colasanti, Valentina. 2018. ‘On Factivity: speculations on the split-CP in Upper-Southern Italian Dialects’, in G. Samo, K. Martini, & G. Bocci, Proceedings of the 1st SynCart Workshop. Special issue of Generative Grammar @ Geneva, vol. XI, University of Geneva.  Pdf

Colasanti, Valentina. 2017. ‘On Triple Complementation in Southern Lazio dialects’, in Proceedings of Structure, Use and Meaning, University of Brasov, 21-24 September 2016.  Pre-publication draft